Sports Handicapping: Buying Sports Picks

Each year the sports betting industry takes in billions of dollars in action. However, not all of those bettors are great selectors of winning sides. These bettors turn to others for help. Buying sports picks is an old tradition and a good way to find the winning sides to bet on. However, the industry is littered with bad handicappers and outright scams. Today, I am going to run down some tips to help you select the right sports handicapper. It’s worth noting that I was a professional Las Vegas gambler, former dealer and I ran a winning, and legitimate, sports handicapping service.

Tip One: Unit Betting

The professional sports bettor will normally play one unit per play. Occasionally the professional sports bettor will increase the bet by half of one unit or in a rare occasion one full unit. Stay away from any sports handicapper who is betting many units per play. For example, you will find some sports handicappers who will bet 3,4,5,10 or more units per play. They do this so that when they lose, it’s easier to show a positive unit result. If they lose three 4 unit plays today (12 units), they will simply release one ten or more unit play tomorrow and so forth.

Tip Two: Records

Look for a sports handicapper that keeps a 3rd party record with a known and trusted source. Anyone can claim to win a lot, but having a known and trusted source verify the selections is the proof in the pudding. If you find a service that you want to use and they don’t do this, but they only a small free per month (example: $30), it’s up to you. Sometimes small handicappers won’t go through all the extra steps. However, anyone charging you $5 per play or more better have their selections documented. Accept no excuses.

Tip Three: Price

You really don’t want to pay more than 5-10% of your normal unit for selections. For example, if the handicapping service charges $25 per day, and you make an average of one play per day, you would only want to purchase this selection if your betting unit was $250-$500. The $100 player should look elsewhere. If you are a $10 bettor, look for services that offer inexpensive monthly rates. For example, if you were a $10 bettor who bets two plays per day on average, you should not spend more than $60 per month for selections. It should be common sense that if you spend too much for selections you can never win—fees will eat away your profits.

I hope these three main tips have helped make you a smarter sports bettor. In the future, I will release more tips for buying sports picks. By following these tips, you will start to reduce the possibility of being taken to the cleaners, you will become a wiser sports bettor and your profit potential will be greater.