Sports America Radio Review

Sports America Radio will be the pre-eminent internet radio opportunity for anyone who loves sports. We know you demand the best when cheering for your favorite athlete, team or sport. It's what gives you such joy when you are the witness to sports excellence. Sports America Radio wants you to see they are as passionate about sports as you are. Whether its football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, track and field, weightlifting, darts, or even tiddlywinks, we will deliver internet radio programming that is fun, informative and just as passionate as you are. Give us a listen and you will see the difference Sports America Radio has over the competition. After all, you help call the shots at Sports America Radio.
Sports America Radio is all about EXPERTS.

We have the people who are the insiders, the ones who can give you an edge in whatever sport makes life worth living. The Grogan brothers, Kelly and Dan, are leaders in providing fantasy football players with the information you crave. They have been fantasy football experts for over 10 years and their publications are the best in the field. Hear them discuss draft strategy, potential sleepers and trade options for the 2005 season. Joe Eberle is a sports junkie who will provide a program on whatever you want, when you want it. No one is as passionate about sports as Joe and his extensive contacts in the sports industry provide him access to experts in all sports. The Vegas Insiders know handicapping from all perspectives. Listen to them and you will have an edge with your team. Everyone wants inside knowledge and the Vegas Insiders have it like no one else in the field.

Sports America Radio is all about PASSION.

When you eat, breathe and think sports you want a source that feels that same pulse of excitement that you do. Sports America Radio believes sports passion can be entertaining. When you tune into our wide variety of sports programming you will be entertained and informed beyond your local talk radio format. Sports America wants you to be a part of our passion.

Sports America Radio is all about INFORMATION.

Whether it's a bar bet or just watching a game with your buddies you want to have information that makes people say "How does he know that". Sports America Radio has that kind of jaw-dropping inside information that makes you the expert. Also, the sports ticker we provide is a 24 hour goldmine of what's happening in sports. Plus, you can listen whenever you like because all radio shows are archived for your convenience. If it's 2:00 am and you are preparing your fantasy football strategies you can listen to the experts from Sports America Radio.

Sports America Radio is all about HISTORY.

Sometimes you just want to relive a moment that makes you excitedly tingle from the memory. It may be Michael Jordan's first heroics at North Carolina, Doug Flutie's "Hail Mary" pass or Kirk Gibson's homerun to win a World Series game -- these memories are timeless and exciting. Sports America Radio connects you to the legends and history of sports that are unique and part of the American experience. No other station can bring you history like Sports America Radio.

Listen to Sports America Radio and feel like the expert, but more importantly, feel the excitement that sports offers you everyday, the unpredictable moments that tingle with winning and losing; the passion of rooting for the underdog and the chance to always be a kid who sees the beauty and innocence of sports heroics.